Glimpses: The Goa Trip

by Sarvesh Jhanwar

It can be expressed as a blended Kaleidoscope of Indian and Portuguese culture. This small state is greatly inclined towards spirituality and is home to a lot of yoga centers.

My friends and I were fortunate enough to spend a week which I recall was not exactly what we had planned but was full of memories. Things unforeseen and unplanned sometimes become the best memories.

Planning a trip to Goa is never dependent on what season it is, different seasons have their different tastes and are waiting to be explored.

I was welcomed to Goa with a monsoon bliss with skies cloaked with dark clouds pouring incessantly, cold winds striking my face and refreshing me after a long journey.

On the way to the resort, everything was covered lush green with water dripping over them. Rains there seem to be controlled by an ON/OFF switch and sometimes it was as if the switch was simply left ON. As monsoon was not a tourist hotspot everything was so cheaper that we had planned our stay at one of the resorts on the beach. Visiting Goa during monsoon can get you a big bang for your buck.

The best way to travel around is by renting a vehicle, I prefer bikes and scooters myself but you can always go for four-wheelers as well. The first thing we did after renting bikes was getting to the nearest shop and buying those raincoats which hardly cost us ₹50 and were enough to get us through the whole trip. With everything set, it was time to decide the first stop and it was way south from where we were and was a hell of a bike ride.

Dudhsagar Waterfalls

From Vagator all the way down to Dudhsagar Waterfalls, which was the best choice for the day. A 90 km bike ride to a place where you could see everything coming alive at this time with small streams of water flowing on either side of the road throughout the journey. This name of falls came from the white frothy appearance of water, falling from 1017 feet and crashing with an ear-splitting roar. You could see some trekkers around climbing though the challenging terrain to the top of the falls. At the bottom is a safe pool, where only a small section of falls is visible but is enough to relax. We never knew when did the rain stop and had completely lost track of time.

It was getting late so we decided to head back as we had other things waiting. With night pouring down Goa has something for everyone. We decided to head to a club and enjoy some music. Well, a secret for first-timers your night will get a lot worse and hilarious if any of your friends get drunk. When they will wake up the next morning it will all be blurry memories with you giving them a cunning smile.

Day 2 began with us heading towards the Old Goa rich for its Portuguese heritage, traveling on the banks of the river Mandovi, with every turn bringing us close to what was a UNESCO World Heritage site now. Even the roadside houses remind you of mini Portugal colonies. From well-preserved churches to Portuguese artifacts in the museum tells a different story of Goa. After lunch, we headed towards the famous Chapora fort or as we all know it as Dil Chata Hai Fort. You can just stand there and listen to waves hitting the shore with the sun going down. During monsoon, you can see clouds pouring rain from far away over the sea and trust me is a scene to watch.

Sinquerim Fort

The next day we woke up early to go to the beach and have a nice long walk as swimming was not allowed due to heavy current. But the wind brushing your face with wet sand between your toes and waves creating their music could soothe all the nerves and in no time you will find yourself immersed in thoughts. With the last day remaining before the conference we took an early start and went around places in North Goa with best being watching waves crushing over the Sinquerim Fort. And then finally having dinner at a shack and spending the night watching the waves crashing the shore.

Few Tips before you head out to Goa especially during monsoon:
  • Always carry a waterproof bag to carry important stuff like money, phones, and identities.
  • Carry a few meds for cold and fever.
  • Drive extra carefully.
  • Don’t take plastic bags around while sightseeing.
  • Eat healthily and avoid too much salty.

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