Nothing Is Good Or Bad, Our Thinking Makes It So

by Soumya Maniyar

In today’s world as more and more people are busy building walls that divide rather than bridges that unite, we all, knowingly or unknowingly, rather than supporting or promoting tolerance through the idea that “Nothing is good or bad, but our thinking makes It so,” are shockingly opposing it. It is our ignorance or arrogance or maybe both to believe that there is good and there is bad and it’s not about perspective.

Present times is a time of crisis. We are surrounded by a serious threat, the cure to which, as of now is unsure. Amidst all this chaos people are busy playing the blame game on each other and indulging in religious wars. When we need to unite to fight against something which is becoming a threat to mankind, we are busy proving who is right and who is wrong.

It is just about our whole belief system. We are made to believe a few things since the time we are born. We are made to believe that society works in a certain manner and this is what is considered good and this what is bad. So, you see, a clash of perspective, because what may be good for one person need not be good for another. It is the perspective of each person what decides what is good and what is bad.

It is because some wrongly believe that to be dusky is bad, and fair is good …. Well you know ‘Fair and Lovely’ …. every morning, thousands of girls look at the mirror and feel they are ugly.

It is because some wrongly believe that female gender is bad and male good, every morning thousands of female foetuses lie dumped in hospital garbage.

It is because some wrongly believe that their religion is good and the other bad, every day many are killed in the name of religion or race.

It is because some wrongly believe that their food habits are good and other people’s bad, every day many are hacked or burnt to death.

It is because people wrongly believe that heterosexual choice is good and homosexual bad, till, before 6th September 2018, the homosexuals were tagged criminals In India.

I wish people could understand that one man’s mead is another man’s poison. I wish they would celebrate the complexity of the cosmos and not destroy it by believing that there is only one good or some good and rest all bad.

Well, if all the examples mentioned earlier would be passed through the litmus test of logic, reasoning, science, philosophy. We would realize that neither is fair good, nor is dusky bad, neither is one religion good and the other bad, all is a matter of how we see it. How our mind thinks about it. After all the blind poet Milton has rightly said, “A mind is a place in itself, it can make a heaven of hell and hell of heaven”.
It could just be a matter of time, a change of government and epiphany or some other change somewhere, leading to the metamorphosis of what is good today into bad tomorrow, and vice-versa. To give an example, Sati, which was considered good in India, a woman’s divine duty, is now considered bad simply because a great thinker and social reformist Raja Ram Mohan Roy could change our thinking, I re-emphasize, could change our thinking and attitude towards it. Same is true with slavery, bonded labour, hunting, child marriage, widow remarriage, etc.

When it comes to labeling things as good as bad, human minds behave much like the proverbial 5 blind men, touching an elephant to determine its shape. The wisdom of the fable is also echoed in the lines of the poet who said and I quote,” Two men looked out of prison bars, one saw mud and the other saw stars.” I wish we all can rise above the fight of good and bad and accept the fact that it is just a matter of our perspective. And perspective changes from person to person.

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Shruti Lahoti June 11, 2020 - 6:36 pm

Very beautifully written and expressed Soumya 🙂 So true its all about different perspectives we have. As individuals it’s important for us to acknowledge the fact that it’s perfectly normal and natural to have contrasting versions of similar situations. Way to go! Keep reading and more power to your writing!

Samta July 22, 2020 - 1:43 pm

Yes.. It depends on individual perspective…but what if… If that thought is used to avoid accountability, it will create chaos. Things cannot be compartmentalised all the time for all the people that’s why we have subjective and objective point of view….. I like the topic and your writing… Keep sharing


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