How to be Productive in Quarantine

by Soumya Maniyar

Albert Einstein said and I quote “In the middle of difficulty lies opportunities”. Present times are no doubt difficult times. With the world enveloped in a great crisis and all of us locked inside the comfort of our houses, yet jailed in our minds without the surety of as to when all of this would end, this time could be seen as a time of opportunities.

Closed in our houses we have an opportunity to do all those things we have always wanted to do but always procrastinated it. All of us have a hobby or a skill we wanted to learn, but the busy millennial life didn’t allow us to pursue it. So, right now is the time to do that. Instead of dumping the whole day infront of the screens of the electrical gadgets, make full and fruitful use of this time. Still, for all those who are confused as to what you can do to make good use of this time, here are a few things you can do and learn.

Learn something new

As most of the educational institutions are closed, many online groups have come up to provide interesting online courses. These courses are not just for students but people from all age groups can pursue a course of their choice. We can learn about anything we want and many of these online groups have come up with some really interesting courses that may keep your boredom at bay.

Pursue your hobby

All of us have some hobbies which just submerged within us because we never had enough time to do it. Now is the perfect time to wake up the artist within you. We can decorate our houses with paintings and craft works of our own. Cook or bake anything new for your family, let the house be filled with a delicious aroma.

Learn languages

Everyone said they will do it at some point, and now the time has come. Do it the old-fashioned way and pick up a book, or you can use apps to finally get your head around some of the famous languages of the world.

Keep a diary

We are living in unbelievable times, probably unlike anything, we will live through again, hopefully. Journaling and keeping a diary are a good way to process your feeling and let off some steam without doing anything too drastic. It will also be good to work back on when this is over, to remember what it was like, and to share with others about the experience of coronavirus.It is a very psychologically demanding time as well with the lockdown and we all separated from our general social lifestyle. Thus it is becoming more important for us to keep ourselves engaged in something or the other. Watching movies, documentaries, reading books, all of this is great but try to do something that involves more attention and curiosity. Engage yourself in any form of art, be it writing, painting, dancing, creative artworks, anything, because all these artforms provide you with a sense of satisfaction. Be a wise person because as they say, a wise man will make more opportunities than he finds. Make better use of this quarantine time

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