About US

by Sarvesh Jhanwar

Well, Well, Hello there! We’re so pleased to meet you! What is your name?

You’ve somehow ended up on our blog and now you’re probably wondering…..who are these people behind all these stories? Don’t you worry we have the answers to all your questions.

We are people from different parts of India who have a passion to Eat, Travel and Write.

How did we come up with the name?
Well, one random night we all were sitting together and just talking and what we noticed that we all had one thing in common, we all dared to get out of our comfort zones, breaking the barrier holding us behind.
So we broke-free of them, and thus the name Black N White Boxes was born, the journey from Black(the world inside the wall) to White(the world after breaching it). It is the fear of what lies ahead that holds us back but if we make the jump it is a seamless pool of unlimited opportunities.

It was a great turning point for us in our lives. It teaches us a lot of things in life and gives us a lot of experiences to learn from.
Counting every experience instead of good or bad to something worth doing makes you learn a lot of things.

We do what we do, to grow as a person, understand different cultures, meet others who inspire and educate us and to (hopefully!) do the same in return.

But most of all we do it for the freedom – to live the life on our terms, to be in charge of our destiny and to give our life the biggest luxury of all – TIME. Let’s use it to make our dreams come true instead of spending best years of life day dreaming and working all day for someone else’s dream.

We love what we do, and love sharing it with you on this website.

Are you ready? Then stick around and get reading…….

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